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On-Campus Affordability

The current cost of a shared dorm room/meal plan at MSU is over $10,000/year. That's an expense of over $40,000 for the average student while they are completing their undergraduate degree, not including any tuition or other common expenses that are also incurred with degree completion. Even greater expenses exist for returning or non-traditional students who may need to bring their family along too.


This level of debt burden is absurd and must not continue.

As great as my Go Green (essentially free tuition) Guarantee is, we will still price and scare young people out of making the trek to the banks of the Red Cedar without addressing the costs of on-campus housing and meal support. That is why, as an extension of my Go Green Guarantee, I will work to reduce the housing and meal plan costs-to-students by 50% within the first 10 years. Further, I will work to make it easier for students to seek and utilize off-campus housing options such as co-ops and family housing and to seamlessly integrate these into their meal structure on-campus.

In our desire to attract more young Michiganders to MSU, we must realize that housing and meal complications and affordability play significant roles in detracting them from choosing Michigan State. It is the job of the elected Trustees to break down these barriers.

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